During the Senior Championships 2014 in Bremen (Germany), the election of two new members of the Athletes Commission took place. The list of candidates was formed by a total of 6 athletes from 4 different countries and 5 National Federations, namely:

Sarah Assem (Egypt)

Mamdouh Mohamed Magdy (Egypt)

Antonio Diaz (Venezuela)

Jennifer Warling (Luxemburg)

Douglas Brose (Brasil)

Kristina Mah (Australia)

Out of the six candidates, one or two had to be marked on the voting paper by each athlete competing at the event and deposited in the ballot box during the three first days of competition at the WKF Athletes Commission stand in the venue. The participation was a great success with 701 votes ouf of a total of 975 athletes that attended the competition.

Antonio Diaz from Venezuela with 418 votes and Douglas Brose from Brazil with 347 votes are thus the new members of the WKF Athletes Commission. Both of them were called to the first meeting of the Commission with all its members, chaired by Davide Benetello:


Davide Benetello (Italy)


Tessy Scholtes (Luxemburg)

Ngan Hoang Nguyen (Vietnam)

Simon Klausberger (Austria)

Antonio Diaz (Venezuela)

Douglas Santos Brose (Brazil)

Major points of the meeting were the welcome of the newly elected Commission members, objectives of the Commission, AC Rules and and election of the new Chairman of the Athletes Commission by the AC members (so far this was a position appointed by the WKF Executive Committee). Davide Benetello was unanimously elected  as AC Chairman and consequently, according the WKF Statutes, has become a full member of the WKF Executive Committee.