Karate 1 – Grand Winners 2014

The 1 event in Salzburg on 11-12 October has been the final event of this years’ Karate 1 series. The Grand Winners of the 2014 season were announced and received the additional prize money for their success.

Find below the list of the Grand Winners for each category:

Female Kata: Terryana D’Onofrio (Italy)

Female -50kg: Alexandra Recchia (France)

Female -55kg: Sara Cardin (Italy)

Female -61kg: Anita Serogina (Ukraine)

Female -68kg: Inga Sherozia (Russia)

Female +68kg: Helena Kuusisto (Finland)

Male Kata: Vu Duc Minh Dack (France)

Male -60kg: Luca Maresca (Italy)

Male -67kg: Dome Szegedi (Hungary)

Male -75kg: Stanislav Horuna (Ukraine)

Male -84kg: Berat Jakupi (FYR of Macedonia)

Male +84kg: Zharko Arsovski (FYR of Macedonia)