Since a few years now, the WKF is committed to a strategy of development of its visibility all around the , focusing on two domains: TV production/broadcast and social media. The World Senior Championships that took place in Bremen (Germany) from Wednesday 5th to Sunday 9th of November 2014 was the opportunity to evaluate its effectiveness, and the response of the audience. And results during the Bremen World Championships 2014 are outstanding! More and more worldwide karateka have access to main information of our championships, through over 150 accredited journalists, photographers and TV cameras, but also through the WKF main information channels

TV coverage: Bremen broadcast live in over 120 countries
Since 2010, worldwide audiences can enjoy and appreciate superlative performances by elite athletes thanks to high-definition video produced by the WKF. During the finals, 7 cameras have filmed the central tatami to provide high quality (HD) TV images. This TV production permits to secure partnerships with 15 TV channels covering 120 countries. The evolution of countries with TV coverage is impressive, from 46 countries in 2006 to 120 in 2014.

YouTube channel: more than 1 million views

Additionally to these partnerships, The WKF launched a YouTube channel in 2012, offering various HD videos throughout the championships: backstage scenes, interviews, actions shots, and live stream of the finals in those countries that don’t have TV coverage… The Official WKF YouTube Channel has immediately been a success and is continuously growing since this date. During the championships in Bremen, the channel saw 1.243.030 video downloads and 5.721 new subscribers (68.883 subscribers in total since 2012).

Social networks
Activity around WKF championships of Bremen 2014 has also been outstanding on social networks, whether onFacebookTwitter or Instagram. During the championships, thousands of supporters were kept informed daily through the different social networks. As a result, the Official Facebook page achieved a great success, with 3.216 new followers (+1040,4%) and a weekly total reach of 513.323.

Official Photo web
The informative coverage of the Championships was completed with the presentation of the new official WKF photo site www.Kphotos.net where National Federations, media, competitors and general fans can go and visualize over 5000 photographs of the competition, opening ceremony and general atmosphere that was experienced during five days by almost 40000 spectators that could follow live the biggest karate event worldwide.

Key figures:

Official WKF YouTube channels: 15.563.848 views & 69.009 subscribers
Official Facebook page: 70.758 followers
Official Twitter account: 8.877 followers
Official Instagram account: 14.400 followers
Official Kphotos account: 106.400 visits & 5430 subscribers