During 4 days (19-22 March 2015), the adult elite from 47 European nations has taken place in Istanbul (Turkey). 495 ambitious competitors shown challenging forms (kata) and attractive fights (kumite).

This year, all best competitors are qualifed for the 1st European Games. The European Games is a multi-sport event for athletes from all over Europe and is held every four years. The Games are owned, organised and regulated by the European Olympic Committees. In 2015, Baku will be the proud Host City of the 1st European Games. Competition take place from June 12 to 28.

Concerning the classification of nations, the major countries of the European Karate were present. Spain is the first European nation to counter with 3 gold medals, 0 silver medals and 6 bronze medals for a total of 9 medals. Turkey ranks second (2/6/3), followed by France (2/3/4).

Throw the Closing Ceremony, Antonio Espinos, President of EKF and WKF, and Mr. Esat Delihasan, President of Turkey Karate , transmitted the flag to Mr. Francis Didier, President of France Karate Federation, for the purpose of organization of 51 EKF Senior Championships in 2016. The host city is Montpellier (France).

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Female Kata

1. Sanchez Jaime Sandra Spain

2. Bozan Dilara Turkey

3. Bleul Jasmin Germany

4. Miskova Veronika Czech Repuplic

Female Kumite -50 Kg

1. Plank Bettina Austria

2. Recchia Alexandra France

3. Bugur Duygu Germany

4. Ozcelik Serap Turkey

Female Kumite -55 Kg

1. Thouy Emilie France

2. Yakan Tuba Turkey Turkey

3. Warling Jennifer Luxembourg Luxembourg

4. Ferrer Garcia Cristina Spain

Female Kumite -61 Kg

1. Ignace Lucie France

2. Lenard Ana Croatia

3. Suchankova Ingrida Slovakia

4. Colomar Costa Irene Spain

Female Kumite -68 Kg

1. Buchinger Alisa Austria

2. Quirici Elena Switzerland

3. Vizcaino Gonzalez Cristina Spain

4. Rakovic Marina Montenegro

Female Kumite 68+ Kg

1. Martinovic Masa Croatia

2. Hocaoglu Meltem Turkey

3. Kuusisto Helena Finland

4. Ait Ibrahim Nadege France

Female Team Kata

1. Turkey

2. Germany

3. Italy

4. Spain

Female Team Kumite

1. Croatia

2. Russian Federation

3. Turkey

4. Austria

Male Kata

1. Quintero Capdevila Damian Hugo Spain

2. Yakan Mehmet Turkey

3. Dack Vu Duc Minh France

4. Busato Mattia Italy

Male Kumite -60 Kg

1. Maresca Luca Italy

2. Agoudjil Sofiane France

3. Plakhutin Evgeny Russian Federation

4. Gomez Garcia Matias Spain

Male Kumite -67 Kg

1. Aliyev Niyazi Azerbaijan

2. Uygur Burak Turkey

3. Domdjoni Danil Croatia

4. Rasero Ruiz Manuel Spain

Male Kumite -75 Kg

1. Aghayev Rafael Azerbaijan

2. Bitsch Noah Germany

3. Sadikovs Ruslans Latvia

4. Busa Luigi Italy

Male Kumite -84 Kg

1. Maestri Nello Italy

2. Mamayev Aykhan Azerbaijan

3. Grillon Kenji France

4. Aktas Ugur Turkey

Male Kumite 84+ Kg

1. Bitevic Slobodan Serbia

2. Erkan Enes Turkey Turkey

3. Nestorovski Martin Fyr Of Macedonia

4. Horne Jonathan Germany

Male Team Kata

1. Spain

2. Italy

3. France

4. Croatia

Male Team Kumite

1. Turkey

2. France

3. Netherlands

4. Azerbaijan