The WKF and the Japan Karatedo (JKF) supported the Symposium held by International Budo University (IBU) at the JKF Headquarter on 1st October.

The main topic of this symposium was the involvement of Karate in the Paralympic Games. The JKF has a history of All Japan Karatedo Championships for Persons with Disabilities for over ten years. The WKF has also been managing the Championships for Persons with Disabilities.

In the symposium, panelists confirm the following:

Firstly, in ancient Japan, Karate masters had to engage themselves in extensive contemplation when it came to blocking the attack in a disadvantageous position, for instance when confined to sitting. Thus, Karate has always had an open system for the disabled and has accepted them.

Secondly, ordinary Karate Championships have also been open for people with disabilities to participate. Some of them have gotten excellent results.

Thirdly, in the World Championships for Persons with Disabilities, adding a point system devised according to disability will keep fairness and the value of Paralympic medals and their significance for the world’s top athletes who are ought to receive them. We have also many alternatives for the improvement of the adding point system already.

Finally, Karate is a healthy sport and can be a good method for rehabilitation. The coaching methods for the disabled are good for non-disabled persons as well.

At the closing of the symposium, participants agreed on one notion – that karate is ready for both the Olympics and the Paralympics.


Mr. Toshihisa Nagura, WKF General Secretary, IBU Professor

Mr. Wolfgang Weigert, WKF EC Member and Commissioner for Olympic and Paralympic Affairs, President of the German Karate Federation

Mr. Shuji Kusaka, JKF Secretary General

Ms. Yuki Mimura, Lecturer of National Defense Academy, JKF EC member

Mr. Kantaro Matsui, IBU Professor

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