The WKF President travelled to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to meet, on the 26th April, HRH the general president of Youth Welfare Prince Abdullah Bin Musaed Bin Abdulaziz. He was accompanied by the President of the Saudi Arabia Mr. Ibrahim AlGannas, also member of the Executive Committee of the WKF, and by DH Al Raissi, member by the UAE of the AKF EC, and by Mohamed Abbas member of the WKF TC and General Secretary of the Arab Karate Federation.

The meeting was held in a very positive atmosphere, and the WKF President highlighted before HRH the excellent work that the Saudi Karate Federation is doing in the country and in the Region.

The day before the delegation attended the National Saudi Arabia Karate Championships, where the Ambassador of Japan to Saudi Arabia, H.E. Mr. Norihiro Okuda also attended and expressed the total support for the Olympic ambitions of the WKF in Tokyo 2020.

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