From 30th June until 4th July, the 8th WKF Youth Training Camp and 1 Youth Cup organised by the WKF took place. As for the 2014 edition, the event was held in the outstanding facilities of the beautiful city of Umag (Croatia).

This year, the participation was higher than ever at the Camp with 337 participants. Also a total 637 young people coming from 36 countries of all 5 continents attended to the Camp and / or the Cup, making this event one of the WKF major annual events in the official calendar of activities. It should also be highlighted that, for the first time, U21 categories were also represented for both Kata and Kumite at the Youth Cup.

The organisation of such event was very well coordinated and supported by the Croatian Karate , allowing all participants to fully enjoy every moment. During the first three days of the Camp, the attendees had morning and afternoon training sessions with the four instructors, who are each of them Champions in their respective categories, namely

– Davide Benetello (Italy) – Kumite

– Pedraj Stojadinov (Serbia) – Kumite

– Ngang Nguyen (Vietnam) – Kata

– Luca Valdesi (Italy) – Kata

Kumite participants were divided into three training groups which did training sessions with both Kumite instructors alternatively. Kata participants were divided into Shitoryu and Shotokan styles, training with Nguyen and Valdesi respectively. All of them dedicated all their energies and efforts into the intense training sessions.

The Karate 1 Youth Cup was held during the last two days, the U14 categories were held on Friday and the Junior and U21 categories competed on Saturday.

All participants have now returned home, surely waiting already for the next edition to arrive, in order to meet again with their friends and competition opponents of the Karate world.

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