The AKF annual Congress took place in Yokohama (Japan) on September 2nd with the presence of WKF President Mr. Antonio Espinós. There were 34 National Federations present and important decisions were taken, like the unanimous approval of new Statutes that constitute a big step towards the alignment with the WKF Statutes.

Also elections for President, General Secretary and Council members took place, for a term of 6 years as unanimously agreed by the Congress. President Chang was unanimously reelected for a new term, and S. Kurihara was elected as General Secretary with an overwhelming majority support. For the Council positions, the following were elected:

– Mr. Kenny Yu, Hong Kong (East Asia)

– Mr. Kuong Im Che, Macau (East Asia)

– Mr. Alamjon Muallaev, Uzbekistan (Central Asia)

– Mr. Thiagarajan, India / Mr. Mohamed Jahangir, Pakistan (South Asia)

– Mr. Seri Mohamed Ali Rustam, Malaysia (South-East Asia)

– Mr. Vu Son Ha, Vietnam (South-East Asia)

– Mr. Mouin Faouri, Jordan (West Asia)

– Mr. Daeej Jassem Mohammed Rasool Raisi, U.A.E. (West Asia)

Concerning the council member for the region of South Asia, the council decided that Mr. Jahangir (Pakistan) will have the position for the 3 first years of the term and Mr. Thiagarajan (India) will have the position for the second part of the term.

Furthermore, the council nominated Mr. Daeej Jassem Mohammed Rasool Raisi, from U.A.E. as 1st Vice-president and Mr. Seri Mohamed Ali Rustam from Malaysia as 2nd Vice-president. Mr. Nasser Alrazooqi from U.A.E. was nominated as Presidential Advicer of the AKF for the new term.

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