Last 30th of October 2015 the Japan Karatedo (JKF) held a big party in Tokyo with the attendance of over 450 guests of honor to celebrate our successful proposal to the IOC as an additional sport for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Ambassadors to Japan, the Diet members and Tokyo Assemblymen who have supported our Olympic Campaign, media, as well as officials from domestic organizations attended. Furthermore, Mr. Antonio Espinos, WKF President, Mr. Kuang-Huei Chang, Asian Karate Federation (AKF) President and Mr. Toshihisa Nagura, WKF General Secretary were also present.

This celebration also had another very important objective, which was to state Karate’s firm resolution and passion for the Olympic Games, not only for the 2020 Games but also for the 2024 Games and beyond. After a Karate demonstration by Japanese athletes from the national team and a speech by Mr. Takashi Sasagawa, JKF president, and Mr. Espinos, WKF President, guests addressed them one after another to extend their congratulations and their warm intention to support Karate.