On 11th and 12th of October 2014, the Grand Final event of the Karate1 – Premier League season 2014 will take place in Salzburg Wals-Siezenheim (Austria). Only three weeks before the Senior Championships in Bremen, the Salzburg Open will announce the Grand Winners of this year and will outline some favorites for Bremen in each category. Grand Winners are not only the best athletes of their categories but above all, the most consistent athletes all along the year, as competitors earn ranking points in each one of the 8 WKF Karate1 events during 2014.

This last Premier League of year 2014 will gather 595 competitors from 52 countries, mostly from Europe, where national teams will refine their preparation for the World Championships of Bremen (5-9 November).


Saturday, 11th October 2014 

09.00h Eliminations and Repechage

• Kata individual female Seniors

• Kata Team male Seniors

• Kumite individual female -50 kg, -68 kg

• Kumite individual male -67 kg, -75 kg, -84kg

20.00h Finals and awards ceremony

Sunday, 12th of October 2014

09.00h Eliminations and Repechage

• Kata individual male Seniors

• Kata Team female Seniors

• Kumite individual female -55 kg, -61 kg, +68 kg

• Kumite individual male -60 kg, +84kg

• Finals and awards ceremony

Current Ranking just before the Salzburg Grand Final

Kata Female: Terryana D’ONOFRIO, Italy, 1190 pts

(2nd Sandy SCORDO, France, 1168)

-50 Kg: Alexandra RECCHIA, France, 1352 pts

(2nd Serap OZCELIK, Turkey, 1112 pts )

-55 Kg: Miki KOBAYASHI, Japan, 1654 pts

(2nd Sara CARDIN, Italy 1206 pts)

-61 Kg: Lucie IGNACE, France, 1024 pts

(2nd  Anita SEROGINA , Ukraine, 1006 pts)

-68 Kg: Inga SHEROZIA, Russia, 930 pts

(2nd Pegah ZANGENEH KARKOOTI, Iran, 902 pts)

+68Kg: Fanny CLAVIEN, Switzerland 960

(2nd Nadège AIT IBRAHIM, France 848 pts)

Kata Male: Vu Duc Minh DACK, France, 1488 pts

(2nd Issei SHIMBABA, Japan, 1042 pts)

-60 Kg: Luca MARESCA, Italy, 1112 pts

(2nd Amir MAHDI ZADEH, Iran, 944 pts)

– 67 Kg: Dome SZEGEDI, Hungary, 990 pts

(2nd Yves Martial TADISSI, Hungary, 870 pts)

-75 Kg: Serkan YAGCI, Turkey, 1568 pts

(2nd Stanislav HORUNA, Ukraine, 1422 pts)

-84 Kg: Berat JAKUPI, FYR of Macedonia, 1292 pts

(2nd Nello MAESTRI, Italy, 920 pts)

+84 Kg: Enes ERKAN, Turkey, 1144 pts

(2nd Iman SANCHOOLI, Iran, 822 pts)