The Kumite discipline in , as a competition sport, has experienced a significant evolution in its practice until it has become the “sport of karate” as it is today. During this development, the WKF has always taken into account the safety of the karatekas in order to minimize the risk of potential injuries in both training and competition.

With this objective in mind, the WKF started in the year 2000 a process to implement the use of protections in karate competitions. Already then, one key aspect was the compliance with the relevant minimum standards and the necessary guarantees for the karatekas – this is how the “WKF Approved” protections were first created.

From then on, and after a continued development process, these protections have been subject to different modifications, not only in terms of specifications, but also in terms of quality, for the models and brands to get the “WKF Approved” distinctive. They undergo very strict quality controls and due to the constant innovation on their design and the materials altogether ensure enhanced quality. Now the “WKF Approved” protections are a reference for karate practitioners worldwide, who can appreciate the great difference with other non-approved protections.

Take a look into our dedicated section ( to learn more about the “WKF Approved” items and broaden the information about each of these protections with the mentioned mark. You will also find there information about their use, as well as the countries in which these protections can be directly purchased.

Currently a total number of eight approved brands manufacture and commercialise the “WKF Approved” items. Each one of the below approved brands has its own distribution network in different countries, making their items available worldwide: